Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Symphony Activity Jumper

Let Music Be Your Baby’S Muse, And Turn Your Little One From A Listener To An Artist. This Jumper Makes Music A Multi-Sensory Adventure. Little Hands Can Tap Electronic Bongo Drums To Activate Lights, Sounds And Multiple Languages. Spin The Piano For Surprising Sounds, And Play The Guitar To Make Colorful Beads Dance And Jump. A Tambourine Mirror Gives Baby A Front Row Seat To Watch Their Own Performance. This Beloved Baby Einstein Baby Bouncer Rotates 360° So Your Mini Musician Can Rotate Between Activities.


What's in the box
Jumper with electronic bongo drums to activate lights, sounds and multiple languages. Spin the piano for surprising sounds, and play the guitar to make colorful beads dance and jump. A tambourine mirror gives baby a front row seat to watch their own performance.

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