BabyWombWorld Muslin Receiving Blankets - Set of 2

BabyWombWorld Muslin Receiving Blankets - Set of 2

The BabyWombWorld Muslin Blankets are made from the delicate sheers of 100% organic cotton fabric, to ensure breathability and temperature regulation. We guarantee that within days, your Muslin Blanket will become your baby’s best loved blanket! Receiving blankets are an all-purpose blanket – truly are the cornerstone of any babies’ wardrobe and are invaluable to any new mother and father. Their uses are endless, from a source of warmth, to security through to swaddling. Although Muslin Blankets are not overly thick, they are designed in such a way as to keep baby warm enough and with good reason. Babies and adults alike keep warm naturally by burning calories from the food we eat. By keeping your baby cozily wrapped up, you will help preserve their caloric intake for weight gain as well as to maintain their own fragile body temperature!


Product Description Baby Womb World’s Muslin Blanket is a must have – every baby needs an array of blankets, for warmth, to covering the pram or to wrap up when coming home from the hospital. We believe that moms want products that are safe and practical but at the same time, stylish and trendy so we bring parents the world’s best loved Muslin Blankets! No matter where you are or what you do, as long as your BabyWombWorld Muslin Blanket is ready, your little one will be happy!


Swaddling Information: Swaddling your baby with a muslin blanket, ensures that your baby is wrapped up comfortably and securely and this sensation simulates the conditions they became accustomed to in the womb, which is familiar and soothing for your baby. Your new little angel will adjust to life outside the womb quicker, feel safe, sleep better and so will you with these luxuriously soft muslin blankets! Swaddling your baby also eliminates the startling reflexes of newborn babies. It allows mothers to easily nurse their baby without contending with flailing infant limbs as they have no motor control yet and helps them to stay asleep at the various points in their sleep cycle. Swaddling also reduces colic by allowing your baby to self-soothe and by sleeping on their back while being swaddled, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is greatly reduced



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