Swaddle Up Transition Bag Original Mint - Medium (6-8,5kg)

Swaddle Up Transition Bag Original Mint - Medium (6-8,5kg)

Love To Dream - Swaddle Up 50/50
Need more sleep? Swaddle UP!

- The Swaddle up 50-50 helps your baby to gradually adjust to the sleeping un-swaddled
- Simply unzip one 'wing', wait a few nights for your baby to adjust to the sensation of sleeping with one arm released, and then remove the second wing
- Your baby is now transitioned
- Converts to a snug sleep bag for longer-term use
- Use with a Snug-bud to help with the transition process
- Genius twin-zipper for easy nappy changes
- Hip-healthy design allows the recommended flexion for hips and legs

What's in the box
x 1 50/50 Swaddle Up


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