Tommee Tippee - CTN Microwave Steriliser

Tommee Tippee - CTN Microwave Steriliser

Product Details:
- Sterilises up to 4 bottles in just 4 minutes based on a 1000W microwave
- Fits most bottles, soothers and breast pump accessories
- BPA free 100% natural steam steriliser, kills 99% of germs without using chemicals
- Contents stay sterile for 24 hours with the lid closed
- Lid doubles up as a space-saving sterile surface to help you prepare baby's bottles
- Includes free tongs and 0-6m soother
- BPA free


The steriliser has a 4 minute sterilising phase. When the cycle is finished either remove bottles and accessories or leave the lid closed and the contents will stay sterile for up to 24 hours.


What's in the box
1 x Teat tongs
1 x 0-6m soother
1 x Microwave Steriliser

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