Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer

Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer

Meadow Days collection

With the Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer your little one will soon forget that they are on their tummy. The mobile encourages your baby to extend tummy time, thanks to its fun features. Turn the toy into an on-the-go mobile, by turning it upside down. A large attachment clip is included.

Adorable toy extends tummy time
Tummy time toy and on-the-go mobile in one
Entertaining features ensure endless fun
Large clip for easy attachment included
Part of the Meadow Days collection
Age Tips

0-2 months
Place the Tummy Time Mobile Entertainer about 25 cm away from your baby and let them enjoy the engaging sounds and movements while in tummy time.

2-4 months
Let your little one tap the toy to play fun sounds during tummy time. Your baby will be encouraged to reach out and to try over again, while strengthening important muscles.

4-6 months
As babies become more comfortable spending time on their tummies, they will be able to lean on one hand while playing and moving the mobile with the other.

6+ months
Once your little one has mastered sitting up, they can continue to play. Marveling sounds, charming lights and a fun peek-a-boo window ensure for endless fun.